Highwater Sculpture Invitational and other Curatorial Events > Highwater Sculpture Invitational 2007

Our goal in organizing the second sculpture show at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts was to expose new artists and their work to the Millville area and Millville to new artists and audiences, thus fostering a positive experience for all.

This year we took ownership of the show, changed the name to Highwater Sculpture Invitational and will continue to travel it to different venues in the surrounding area in the coming years.

All invited sculptors are people we have worked with professionally or who we have come to know and respect over the past 25+ years in our dealings with the art scene in Central Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and most recently in South Jersey.

The sculpture exhibited varies widely in style, techniques and materials. All the sculptors represented are actively working within a reasonable distance of the Millville area. All are artistically knowledgeable, technically proficient, highly inventive, and are confronting the many problems and challenges sculpture presents. The results are mature, seasoned and engaging pieces that form a resonant ensemble and encourage cultural interaction.

Wayne Russell
mixed media
Petro Hul
David Carrow
mixed media
Michelle M. Post
mixed media
Kristi Blank
mixed media
Jim Greenwell
Bark, printed Plexiglas
Jeanne Jaffe
Wood, iron
Eric Schultz
mixed media
Hank Adams
Cast glass, copper
Bill Logan
mixed media
Ben Keating
mixed media
Doug Signorovitch
Painted Bronze