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All invited sculptors are artists we have worked with professionally or who we have come to know and respect over the past 25+ years in our dealings with the art scene in Central Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and most recently in South Jersey.

The sculpture exhibited will vary widely in style- some using recognizable images, symbols and subject matter and others being more non-objective/abstract. Some pieces are sophisticated- intended to be taken seriously- while others have a humorous or whimsical nature. Techniques and materials that include modeled forms, cast bronze, aluminum, glass and paper, carved and fabricated stone, constructions of wood, styrofoam, metal or clay and mixed media works, should provide great variety and interest to audiences.

What ties all the artists together is that they are all technically proficient in their work. They have practiced their craft, worked through the problems, and the results are mature and seasoned works of art. All are artistically knowledgeable, technically proficient, highly inventive, and are confronting the many problems and challenges sculpture presents. The results are engaging pieces that will form a resonant ensemble and encourage cultural interaction.

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