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©Michelle Post, lamp show, artist lamp show, RRCA, Millville,
2010 "Lighten Up"

Artist lamp invitational curated by Michelle Post, shown at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, Millville, NJ, November 2010.

There was no gallery lighting used for this show, only the illumination of the 38 lamps made by 13 artists. Furniture, Persian rugs, potted palms and house plants created a soothing environment which helped evoke a homey experience.

Artist included in the show were: Alden Cole, Carol Sivin, Charmaine Caire, Dave Carrow, Eric Schultz, Harry Anderson, Michelle Post, Pam Lethbridge, Phil Vinson, Sally Willowbee, Sarah Stengle, Ted Simon and Wayne Russel.