Michelle Post - sculptor
Tronies at DaVinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA 2012
Commission at Grounds For Sculpture
10 Full size Tronies have been commissioned by The Sculpture Foundation for a permanent installation at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. They will be cast in aluminum, painted and installed around the amphitheater in the Fall of 2013.

Visit the Grounds For Sculpture at www.groundsforsculpture.org
Born Trenton, NJ

A self taught artist with no formal schooling, Michelle Post seeks out those who have the knowledge she desires and learns directly from the source. Post apprenticed in 1976 with Stefan Martin for wood engraving, a finely detailed, yet rare, relief form of printmaking that has the mastery of only a select few in the country. Her engraving, The Watch, is included in Engrain- Collection of North American Wood Engravers, published by Barbarian Press, British Columbia. Wood engraving was her primary artistic interest before coming to the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in 1986. It was here where her sculptural interests took hold and blossomed. Rooted in realism, her intricately engraved birds gave way to avian expressions exquisitely rendered in bronze.

In 2006, Michelle met printmaker Barry Wilson in Jacksonville, Florida from whom she learned the complicated technique of reduction linocuts. Fast and fun, this form of printmaking has proved to be an outlet where Post could broaden the experiment with color and form that had been missing in her woodengravings. What she sacrificed in detail, she makes up with the bold use of color.

In 2008, Ms. Post’s work took a dramatic turn when her collection of salt and pepper shakers got out of control and thus was born the Shaker Furniture Collection series. The Shaker Furniture Collection and Lamps For All Seasonings are a divergence from the strict realism of Ms. Post’s sculpture and printmaking that precede it. Quick and colorful, these concoctions allow her freedom to have the fun of creating with existing materials and explore more fully the world of color.

Along with her husband, the sculptor Dave Carrow, Post curates the Highwater Sculpture Invitational that travels to different venues in Cumberland County and surrounding areas including Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center and the Noyes Museum of Art. This highly provocative sculpture show brings together artists that the couple have known thorough out the many years that they have been involved with the Johnson Atelier and Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

As part of the Shaker Furniture Collection, Post carved her first head as an element included in the Curmudgeon Cabinet. True to her "one thing leads to another" philosophy, she began carving more heads. The speed in which these heads take form appeals to her need for expediency thus enabling her to create quickly and prolifically.

By 2011, Post was showing her "Tronies" in Miami and Philadelphia. Post received a commission from the Grounds For Sculpture for 10 Tronies that will be cast in aluminum, painted and permanently installed at the Grounds in the Fall of 2013.