Michelle Post - sculptor
In the world of Michelle Post, one thing leads to another. Drawing led to painting, which led to printmaking, which led to sculpture, which led to different paths within that medium.

In her early years, Post’s work was traditional in the minimally colored mediums of wood engraving and bronze sculpture. Then, like Dorothy waking up in Munchkinland, Post walked through the door of B&W and into a world of color. Intoxicated with color, emboldened with form, emancipated from overbearing techniques, she found humor in each successive series of sculpture that have found their way into forefront of her creative attention.

Her education in the arts has been formed by associations with admired sculptors, photographers, printmakers, painters, dressmakers, designers, craftsmen, writers, sign makers, and a variety of cantankerous beings she has met in her journeys in this world.